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The Police Standards & Training Council


The Police Standards and Training Council was created in 1971 by an act of the Legislature. The objective of the council is to establish minimum hiring and educational standards for police and state corrections officers, and the certification of persons as being qualified to serve in those positions, providing mandatory basic training to new police and state corrections officers, and providing in-service training to those officers.

Policies are set by the 14-member Police Standards and Training Council, which meets normally at 9:00 am on the fourth Tuesday of each month at the NH Police Standards and Training in Concord. Council meetings are posted in advance and are open to the public, unless it becomes necessary to hold a non-public session under conditions that are authorized under RSA 91-A, the New Hampshire Right-to-Know law.

Administrative operations are under the control of the Director of Police Standards and Training. The council makeup is as follows: two town police chiefs, two city police chiefs, two county sheriffs, two judges of courts with criminal jurisdiction, the Chancellor of the Community College system of New Hampshire or his/her designee, the Director of the State Police or his/her designee, the Attorney General or his/her designee, the Commissioner of the Department of Corrections or his/her designee and two public members.

The Director is appointed for a four-year term. The Current Director is Donald L. Vittum, who began serving in 2007.




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